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Jhon Jonh Jone Cena

The following is information and pictures of WWE wrestler Jhon Cena. Jonh Cena is one of the biggest stars in the WWE
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Sexy beast or John Felix-Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts), better known to wrestling fans simply as "John Cena", is an Italian-American professional wrestler, rap music artist, and actor currently performing for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the RAW brand. Cena brought the once SmackDown!-exclusive WWE Championship belt to RAW on June 6, 2005 when he was drafted to RAW during the 2005 Draft Lottery. Cena has released a music CD along with Tha Trademarc, known as You Can't See Me, and has performed live concerts with Tha Trademarc and Bumpy Knuckles.

A rap gimmick getting over in the present day WWE? Only Jhon Cena, the self-styled "Doctor of Thuganomics" could have pulled it off, taking what should have been a one-shot Vanilla Ice Halloween costume and using it to become one of Smackdown's biggest stars and, at long last, WWE Champion.

Jhon Cena's introduction to the world of pro wrestling came from his father, who worked as an announcer for Chaotic Wrestling, under the name John Fabulous. His in-ring debut came in 2000 in Rick Bassman's California-based Universal Pro Wrestling, a former WWE developmental company. Dubbed the Prototype, Cena quickly earned notice in UPW, winning the organization's title from Smelly on April 27 2000 in San Diego, California, and holding the title for a month.

Cena was quickly spotted by WWE talent scouts, who signed him to a developmental deal. In the spring of 2001, he was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling. He began teaming with fellow future WWE superstar Rico Constantino and on August 1, 2001, the pair won the vacant OVW Tagteam titles. The title reign came to an end, however, when the Minnesota Stretching Crew (Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin) returned to OVW and recaptured the belts.

On the singles scene, the Prototype had defeated Leviathan (later known as Batista) in controversial manner to win the OVW Heavyweight title on February 20, 2002. After dropping the title to Nova on May 15th, he headed to the WWE. A month later, he appeared on Smackdown and answered Kurt Angle's challenge. Although Angle won, Cena had earned the respect of the Undertaker, so much so that the pair teamed against Angle and Chris Jericho.

Cena battled Jericho over the next few months and teamed with Edge and Rey Mysterio, Jr. to battle Jericho and the other Un-Americans, until the Anti-Americans jumped to Raw. As the summer passed into the fall, Cena found himself tangling with Reverend D-Von (Dudley) and fading from the spotlight.

That changed after he and Billy Kidman lost to Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in the first round of the Smackdown Tagteam tournament in October 2002. Kidman and Cena feuded over the next couple of weeks as Cena became a heel.

In addition to turning heel, Cena also began to adapt a rapper-like gimmick. Initially conceived during the Smackdown Halloween show (when Cena came as Vanilla Ice), it continued the week after... and the week after that. Armed with this new gimmick, Cena found himself battling Rikishi. To help him in his battles against Rikishi, Cena enlisted the help of B-Squared (Bull Buchanan).

Cena and Buchanan would battle Los Guerreros until Cena turned on his bodyguard and brought in Redd Dogg (Rodney Mack) although that partnership was also short-lived.

Instead, Cena began to feud with Brock Lesnar, as he competed in and won a Number One Contender's tournament. Unfortunately, he couldn't convert that into a WWE title win, as Lesnar retained the title at Backlash on April 27th, 2003.

Cena's next target was the United States Championship. After being eliminated from the tournament by Billy Gunn, Cena turned his attention towards the eventual champion Eddie Guerrero. Unfortunately, the U.S. title would have to wait for Cena.

His days as a heel were also coming to a close, as Cena took on Kurt Angle and joined Team Lesnar at the 2003 Survivor Series. Cena and Chris Benoit were the sole survivors during that match. Cena and Benoit would face each other during a December 4th edition of Smackdown with the winner to become the number one contender to the WWE title. Benoit was victorious thanks to interference from the Big Show.

Cena then began to chase the Big Show and the Show's U.S Heavyweight title. Although Cena defeated Show during the Smackdown taping in Iraq, it was during a "non-title match". Ironically it was the Big Show that eliminated Cena during the 2004 Royal Rumble. It didn't help matter that Cena found himself on the wrong side of Smackdown General Manager Paul Heyman after Cena and Benoit washed Heyman's mouth out with soap. Heyman benched Cena on the February 5th edition of Smackdown and later, forced Cena to team with nemesis Kurt Angle.

However, Cena finally got a title match against the Big Show at Wrestlemania XX and walked away with the United States Championship. After getting by Rene Dupre in early title defences, Cena then found himself in just as much hot water with new General Manager Kurt Angle as he had been with Paul Heyman.

Booker T was the next challenger but after Cena accidentally knocked Angle out of his wheelchair on the July 8th edition of Smackdown, Angle had Cena stripped of the U.S. belt, with Booker T winning the vacant title. However, Cena would regain the title, defeating Booker T in a best-of-five series, the deciding victory coming at October's No Mercy.

Cena's second reign as champion lasted only two days, as he lost the title to Carlito Caribbean Cool. Almost immediately after the title loss, it was announced that Cena had been injured in a bar fight. However, that was just part of an angle to give Cena some time off to film "the Marine", due out later this year. (In addition, Cena was working on his rap CD, released in May 2005).

Cena returned in November and quickly regained the U.S. title, and continued to get revenge against Carlito Cool and his bodyguard, Jesus. Kenzo Suzuki was Cena's next challenger but was unable to wrest the title away.

Cena's career looks to be rising. Not only is he the WWE Champion, The Marine will hit theatres soon and he has a hip hop album, You Can't See Me now in stores. Back in the ring, a victory over JBL in a bloody "I Quit" match at Judgment Day meant that Cena might have been looking for a new challenger.

Jhon would find that challenger...on Raw. The first and one of the most suprising part of the 2005 Draft Lottery, Cena would team with Chris Jericho, only to have Y2J turn on him during a tag team match against Christian and Tyson Tomko. If Cena wanted a new challenge, he got one, with Jericho set to challenge Cena for his WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

Cena retained the title against Jericho but that wasn't the end of Cena's problems. Along the way, he found himself on Raw GM Eric Bischoff's bad side and Bischoff seems obsessed with ending Cena's reign as champion, with the help of Kurt Angle. Cena even had to defend his title against Bischoff at WWE Homecoming, and then defended against Angle and Shawn Michaels at Taboo Tuesday.

On the January 2 2006 edition of RAW, Cena lost to Angle in a First blood match when Angle hit him with a chair. Since the referee was down, however, he managed to apply the STF-U and made Angle tap before Daivari woke the referee and got him to end the match.

On January 8, Jhon Cena successfully defended his WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. After Carlito turned on Chris Masters, and eliminated him, Cena pinned Carlito to end the match and retain his title. After the match, Vince McMahon came onto the stage and announced that Cena was going to defend the WWE Championship against Edge; Edge earned this chance with his "Money in the Bank" contract which he won in a 6 man ladder match at Wrestlemania 21. This contract guaranteed him a championship match against the World Heavyweight Champion, but since that title got moved to SmackDown! during the draft, WWE Creative subtly changed every mention to the WWE Championship. Edge quickly delivered two spears to Cena, pinning him to win the WWE Championship and to end Cena's reign as WWE Champion at 280 days, matching that of previous champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

The feud heated up on the January 9 RAW, when Cena delivered an F-U to Edge's valet, Lita. On January 29, 2006, at the Royal Rumble PPV, Cena and Edge will face each other for the WWE Championship.

Jhon Cena Fan backlash

After the draft lottery which brought him to RAW, Cena's popularity with the fans slowly began to diminish. With the two biggest rivarlies being against Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho cult followings of both men were overwhemling in the crowd. Slowly boos began to emerge during Cena's matches most especially in the first blood match against Kurt Angle and at the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution where not only Angle, but every other superstar was cheered for pulling off a move on Cena. The severly noticable jeers came to light in the main event of the October 10, 2005 edition of Monday Night RAW, in the match with Angle. It should also be noted that in the week prior to that match, Angle cleanly pinned Cena, in a Six-Man-Tag match.

Cena was reported as being frustrated by the jeers, although he stated that the fans obviously have a choice. Possible reasons for boos are the extremely predictable story lines that he has been placed in, questionable booking of his matches, and that his character has become more mainstream and less edgy over time as he received more exposure from the non-wrestling press and he became more of a typical face instead of his beloved tweener persona. Some point out that wrestling fans tend to decide for themselves who they will cheer for as was evident with Steve Austin who despite being billed as a top heel gained increasing popularity with his every appereance. On the other hand was Rocky Mavia who despite being pushed as a face was booed the more he tried to get the fans to side with him. Cena, during a spot on RAW's January 9, 2006 episode, claimed to not be bothered by the portion (roughly half) of the crowd that was booing him. Cena, in either an ill-advised move or an attempt to draw cheap heat, further divided the crowd by referring to anyone who was not following him and cheering him on as drinking "Haterade" then saying they could "kiss his ass." It seems that the in-ring interview worked in his favor, as the crowd was firmly behind him when he attacked Edge later that night, but whether it will work in the long run is in question. Considering that Edge is one of the most hated heels in the WWE, this feud could help Cena regain the fan support that he's lost. It seems to be working in his favor, as less and less people have booed Cena since he was defeated by Edge, and he also appears to be reverting back to his tweener persona.

The decision that Cena lose the title was, in reality a last-minute decision, obviously because of the mixed, or sometimes negative reactions he has received at WWE events, so Edge was then slated to win the title. According to wrestling insiders, the plan going into WrestleMania 22 was that he would remain the WWE Champion, where he would defend it against Triple H, but with this recent title change, that potential match is now in question. However, Cena will face Edge for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, and Triple H is in the Rumble match itself, so that match could still go on as planned.

Jhon Cena "The Five Moves of Doom"

Cena's "Five Moves of Doom" is a term that some wrestling fans use to refer to a combo of moves Cena uses when he is on a comeback in match that leads to the pin. The phrase was originally coined in the Internet wrestling community as a reference to Bret Hart, who had a well-established sequence of five moves in the same context (in both cases, the term was also at times used in a pejorative fashion by critics who perceived the wrestler in question to have a limited moveset). This is also one of the major (possibly the main) factors why fans have started to turn on Cena. The following are the five moves and are in the approximate order in which Cena uses them.

1. Flying shoulderblock
2. Sitout hip toss or multiple clotheslines
3. Killswitch / Protoplex / Freestyle (Side release spin-out powerbomb)
4. Five Knuckle Shuffle (Fist drop with theatrics)
5. The FU (Which can refer to his standing fireman's carry takeover (default), Death Valley driver, Samoan driver, or fireman's carry powerslam variations)

Now that seemingly Cena has now added the STFU to his repetoire, the sequence now is unofficially nicknamed the "Six Moves of Doom."

Other finishing and signature moves

* STFU (Stepover Toehold Facelock)
* Swinging fisherman suplex
* Throwback (Modified neck snap)

Cena Signature illegal weapons

* Steel chain
* Brass knuckles

Cena Signature taunts

  • Waving one hand in front of his face, saying "You can't see me."
  • Pumping up his Reebok Pump sneakers.
  • Putting his fists together with pinkies out and saying, "Word Life!"
  • Putting his hands up while spreading them and putting his thumb sideways and his pinky up, meaning word life.
  • Occasionally freestyling on his opponents before his matches.
  • Saying, "You want some...come get some!" to his opponents, referring to his never-back-down attitude.


  • He is currently undefeated at Wrestlemania, defeating Big Show,at WrestleMania 20, and JBL, at WrestleMania 21 winning the WWE United States Championship and the WWE Championship in consecutive years.
  • Though he is often billed as the "next" Stone Cold, Cena's favorite wrestler & role model is Hulk Hogan. Second only is Stone Cold, then third is The Rock.
  • John's father, also named John Cena, is also in pro wrestling as New England indy announcer/manager Johnny Fabulous.
  • John Cena is the second wrestler in WWE history to have his own entirely custom made WWE Championship belt. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the first with his Smoking Skull Belt. On a side note, Ted DiBiase created his own 'Million Dollar Belt.'
  • On October 3, 2005 John Cena was on a hip-hop radio station in Las Vegas. They put over Cena as a legitimate wrestler/rapper and mocked "Macho Man" Randy Savage for his less-than-stellar efforts of doing the same thing. Cena plugged the WWE Homecoming show on the USA Network like it was the SuperBowl of pro wrestling. He made sure to put over SmackDown! and champion Batista as a complete equal to himself and RAW. He did have an embarassing moment, where he refused to admit the Carlito night club stabbing angle was just a fictional TV storyline.
  • Vince McMahon was reportedly showing signs of embarassment and frustration with the recent crowd reactions to John Cena at WWE events. It is no secret that McMahon prides himself on "controlling his audience." So when WWE crowds began rebelling against Cena, it got to McMahon. "They tried everything to get fans to cheer Cena, but they just threw their hands up last week in New Jersey," said one WWE wrestler, "That really shook them up." On a related note, some in WWE feel the company will continue to stick with John Cena as a top act simply because he was one of Stephanie McMahon's first "hand-picked choices" to be pushed to the top in WWE. Stephanie was said to have been won over by Cena when he showed off his rap skills on an airplane ride a few years back and that she has been one of his biggest backers since then. Some feel Stephanie McMahon, daughter of Vince would be resistant to admit failure if fans continue to rebel against Cena.
  • Jhon Cena has his own official fan club called "Chain Gang Click." When joining, there is a free package whick includes a T-shirt, a picture with his signature and a wallet.

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Orton Randy

The following is information and pictures of WWE wrestler Randy Orton. Randy Orton is one of the biggest starts in the WWE
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A third-generation professional wrestler, Orton comes from a family of professional wrestlers, ranging from his grandfather, Bob Orton, Sr., to his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton. His uncle, Barry O, was also a former wrestler.

This latest addition to the Orton wrestling clan was given a solid background before he entered the professional ranks. After competing in amateur wrestling in high school in St. Louis, Mo, (making it to the Danny Hodge World High School Championships), he learned the basics from his father. Traveling with his father also gave the younger Orton a taste for what life was like on the road.
A stint in the Marines left Orton, briefly, in trouble with the U.S. military for going AWOL. But at the age of 19, Orton was signed to a WWE contract in 2000. Like a lot of the up-and-coming stars of today, Randy put his time in with the WWE's developmental territories in Memphis and Ohio Valley Wrestling, beginning in May 2000. Orton trained and wrestled under the tutelage of trainer Danny Davis and talent scout Jim Cornette.
During his time in Ohio Valley, Orton would face the likes of Rico Constantino and the Prototype (later known John Cena), and team with veteran Bobby Eaton in the Ohio Valley tag team title tournament. By the early summer of 2001 he was a two-time OVW Hardcore Champion, defeating Mr. Black on February 14th, 2001 and Flash Flanagan on May 5th 2001.
Orton's time in the territories earned him enough attention to be named Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Rookie of the Year for 2001. By April 2002 he was wrestling in the WWE full time. Originally, he was part of the Smackdown roster, starting with a program against Hardcore Holly. On May 31st, he received a WWE title match against The Undertaker.
In September, 2002, Orton jumped from Smackdown to Raw, defeating Stevie Richards in his debut on the show. However, soon afterwards, Orton went down to a shoulder injury and had to have surgery. Ironically, the injury helped with his heel turn, as "special bulletins" would interrupt Raw broadcasts so that Orton could inform all his fans as to the progress of his recovery.

As 2003 began, so did, in earnest, the era of a new wrestling supergroup. However, it wouldn't be until that spring that Orton, back from both the shoulder injury and a foot injury, joined forces with Triple H, Ric Flair and Dave Bautista to form "Evolution". Much like the Four Horsemen and the nWo before them, Evolution seemingly took on everyone in the WWE, with Orton seeing action against Goldberg, the Dudleyz, Shawn Michaels and Scott Steiner.
With Evolution's help, Orton quickly rose through the WWE singles ranks, even getting a chance to participate in the "Elimination Chamber" event at SummerSlam 2003 for the WWE title. By year's end, Evolution would hold all the gold in the WWE, as Orton defeated Rob Van Dam at Armageddon '03 to win the Intercontinental Championship.
Meanwhile, Orton was developing his "Legend Killer" gimmick which started after he defeated Shawn Michaels atUnforgiven in September 2003. Orton would also defeat such legends as Sgt. Slaughter and attack others including the Fabulous Moolah and Harley Race.
But Orton's "Legend Killer" gimmick would really pick up steam when he crossed paths with legend Mick Foley. After spitting in Foley's face, Orton was stunned with the "hardcore legend" simply walked away from their impending match. After weeks of gloating and hounding Foley, Orton would have to put his money where his mouth was when Foley returned to the WWE. After an Evolution attack, Foley would recruit the Rock to challenge Orton and his Evolution partners, Flair and Bautista to a match at Wrestlemania XX. In a bit of a surprise, it was Evolution that came out on top during that match.
By July, Orton had begun bragging that he was the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in seven years, having held the title for seven months, defeating everyone from Rob Van Dam to Shelton Benjamin to Chris Jericho. However, he could not overcome the challenge of Edge at July's Vengeance pay-per-view and Orton's title reign came to an end.
Two weeks later, however, Orton would win a Number One contender's battle royale to win the right to face World Champion Chris Benoit at SummerSlam where the world was stunned (although rumours had persisted for weeks prior) when Orton defeated Chris Benoit and became the WWE Champion at the age of 24. However, Orton's joy was short-lived as he was unceremoniously dumped from Evolution the next night on Raw. A few weeks later, Orton's title reign would end at WWE Unforgiven at the hands of Evolution leader, Triple H.
Undaunted by the title loss, Orton took aim at regaining the strap and bringing down Evolution. He first went after Ric Flair, defeating the Nature Boy in a Steel Cage match at Taboo Tuesday, but a few weeks later,with the help of Batista, Flair got revenge, ensuring Orton never got a title shot during Triple H's then-current reign.
At Survivor Series, Orton took Guerrero's place on "Team SmackDown!". Orton became the sole survivor of his team for the third year in a row, pinning HBK to win the match for "Team SmackDown!". As Orton celebrated following the match, The Undertaker made his return, chasing Orton from the ring and indiscriminately attacking several other members of the SmackDown! roster.
On a special live episode of SmackDown! on November 29, Orton placed The Undertaker in the trunk of one of Eddie Guerrero's lowriders and reversed the car through the SmackDown! stage, setting it on fire. The Undertaker retorted by playing mind game on Orton over the next several weeks, leading to a Hell in a Cell match between the two being scheduled for Armageddon 2005. On December 16, Orton lured The Undertaker to the ring by declaring his "retirement". When The Undertaker entered the ring, one of the druids who typically accompanied him to the ring remained at ringside. The Undertaker was distracted as a reslt, enabling Orton to attack him and deliver an R.K.O. The "druid" then revealed themselves to be Bob Orton, and gave Orton The Undertaker's signature urn to strike him with. At Armageddon, The Undertaker defeated Orton after delivering the Tombstone Piledriver to both Orton and his father.
Two weeks after Armageddon, Orton agreed to represent an injured Booker T in the fifth match of his "best of seven" series with Chris Benoit over the WWE United States Championship. As Booker T had won three of the matches already fought, Orton only needed to beat Benoit once to win the series for Booker. Orton lost to Benoit following botched interference from Booker T's wife Sharmell. He faced Benoit the following week, but lost once again after Orlando Jordan, interfered on Benoit's behalf. On the January 13, 2006 episode of SmackDown!, Orton defeated Benoit, thus winning the United States Championship for Booker T and finishing the series four-three. The following week saw him face Orlando Jordan in a match because Orlando had interfered with Booker and Sharmell's celebration by attacking him in the middle of the ring. Orton won the match by a distraction from Booker and Sharmell which allowed him to hit the R.K.O. for the win.
After the match, it was announced that the following week Orton will face off in a no holds barred match against Chris Benoit.

Randy Orton Quotes
• "In this business it is about making an impact."
• "My accomplishments are endless."
• "Get a look at greatness."
• "I pride myself on being a legend killer."
• "There's no stopping Randy Orton!"
• "Greatness has entered the ring!"
• "It is my Destiny!"
• "Follow the IC Champ, we're going for a walk!"
• "I'm a third generation superstar"
• "I entered this ring Randy Orton, legend killer when all was said and done I left as Randy Orton, Legend."
• "Not only am I better looking.....I'm just plain better. "
• "The only true me."

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Hulk Hogan

The following is information and pictures of WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest starts in the WWE
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REAL NAME: Terry Gene Bollea
BORN: August 11th, 1953 in Augusta, Georgia
6'0", 190 pounds
ALIASES/NICKNAMES: Terry Boulder, Sterling Golden, Hulk Hogan, the Hulkster, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Mr. America

If there is ever an argument over who is the biggest name in the history of pro wrestling, consideration must be given to Hulk Hogan, who was at the forefront of the great rise in wrestling popularity in the mid-1980s. Although Hulk Hogan may not have "made wrestling", it can certainly be argued that he helped to make wrestling what it is today.

Initially wanting to be a musician, Hogan decided (while working as a bank teller) that there was money to be made in the wrestling business after being spotted by the Brisco Brothers. Trained by Hiro Matsuda, Hogan debuted in Florida in 1978 and wrestled under a mask as the Super Destroyer before later being dubbed Terry Boulder.

It would be, however, under the guise of Sterling Golden that, after wrestling in Georgia, he would defeat Dick Slater for the NWA Southeastern title in Knoxville Tennessee on December 1st, 1979.

After losing the title on Christmas Day to Bob Armstrong, Golden would depart from the area and head to the WWWF under the management of "Classy" Freddie Blassie, targeting Bob Backlund and Andre the Giant. Andre and Hogan would meet in several high-profile bouts on August 9th, 1980 on the undercard to the Bruno Sammartino/Larry Zbyszko cage match at Shea Stadium.

For the first (but not the last) time in Hogan's career, Hollywood would come calling, and he found himself cast as "Thunderlips", a champion wrestler, in Rocky III. The move to Hollywood, however, cost him his job in the least for now, as Vince McMahon Sr. fired him.

When Hogan returned to the ring in 1981, it would not be in the WWWF but for Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association. Although initially a heel, as he had been in the WWWF, Hogan quickly became a face and was lined up for title matches against Nick Bockwinkle, who was managed by frequent Hogan foe, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan. Although Hogan was so over that his being cheated out of a title win nearly sparked riots (such as the aftermath of a NO-DQ win on April 24th, 1983), Gagne never consented to put the AWA World title on this rising superstar.

Hogan would still win titles, but in Japan where on June 2nd, 1983, he defeated Antonio Inoki to become the very first IWGP Champion. It was in Japan that Hogan told Gagne that he was leaving the AWA to return to the WWWF (or the WWF as it was known by then).

Introduced to the WWF fans as Bob Backlund's tagteam partner during a match against the Samoans, Hogan quickly replaced Backlund in the hunt to dethrone new WWF Champion the Iron Sheik. On January 23rd, 1984, it took Hogan a little over five minutes to defeat the Sheik in Madison Square Gardens to win the WWF Championship.

With Hogan in place as the new WWF Champion and the phenomenon of Hulkamania running wild, WWF promoter Vince McMahon set into motion a series of events that would take Hogan and the WWF to the forefront of mainstream pop culture. Teaming Hogan up with A-Team star Mr. T, Hogan would headline the very first Wrestlemania against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff in an event that included such celebrities as Liberace, Billy Martin and Cyndi Lauper, among others.

In the build-up to Wrestlemania, Hogan would make the talk show circuit, appearing with Mr. T on Saturday Night Live as well as the Richard Belzer Show. Belzer would suffer injuries when Hogan demonstrated a front facelock. Belzer passed out and then, when Hogan released the hold, fell to the ground, hitting his head on a table on the way down.

Hogan's fued with Piper would continue for months to come, including a World title match at the Wrestling Classic, the WWF's first pay-per-view. Hogan would also face Big John Studd, Greg Valentine and Don Muraco. Meanwhile, Hulkamania began to grow even larger. Hogan was the focus of a cartoon show, entitled Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling, appeared on the A-Team and became the first pro wrestler to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

It was a title defence against Muraco during the taping of Saturday Night's Main Event that Hogan was attacked by King Kong Bundy. The story was that Bundy injured Hogan's ribs, putting him at a disadvantage for the ensuing cage match at Wrestlemania II. Hogan would still climb out of the cage and retain the title against Bundy.

Following Wrestlemania II, Hogan began teaming with Paul Orndorff. But following a televised match against Bundy and Studd, Orndorff attacked Hogan, and the pair battled for the rest of the year, including a bout at Toronto's CNE Stadium in front of more than 60 000 people.

As 1987 began, Hogan found himself challenged by another former friend, Andre the Giant, who had taken Bobby Heenan as his manager and demanded a title shot. Andre would get his shot against Hogan at Wrestlemania III, at the Pontiac Silverdome. In front of an announced crowd of 93,173, Hogan bodyslammed and pinned Andre. But Hogan wasn't rid of Andre yet as the pair captained opposing teams at the first Survivor Series in November, 1987.

Hogan's first World title reign would finally come to an end on national television, as NBC broadcast "The Main Event" in prime time in February, 1988. Andre, now managed by Ted Dibiase, would pin Hogan, thanks to a crooked referee. The title was declared vacant when Andre tried to sell the title to Dibiase, and he and Hogan met yet again, battling to a draw in the second round of the WWE title tournament at Wrestlemania IV.

Hogan would depart wrestling to film No Holds Barred during the summer of 1988, returning to team with Randy Savage at Summerslam 88 against Andre and Dibiase. Hogan and Savage would also team at the 1988 Survivor Series. However, over the next few months, the team of Hogan and Savage would begin to disintegrate. After Hogan accidentally eliminated Savage at the 1989 Royal Rumble, tempers flared, and when Hogan left Savage during a tag match during the Main Event in February to attend to an injured Elizabeth, the Mega Powers exploded, leading to a World title match between Hogan and Savage at Wrestlemania V.

Hogan defeated Savage to regain the Championship but would have to continue to battle Savage for months. With the release of No Holds Barred in the summer of 1989, Savage would gain an allie in Zues (Tiny Lister's character). Zues and Savage would team to take on Hogan and his partner Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake at Summerslam 89 as well as in a cage match at No Holds Barred: the Match, the Movie pay-per-view that aired in December 1989.

Hogan came out victorious at the 1990 Royal Rumble but in doing so helped to eliminate the Ultimate Warrior whose popularity was beginning to rival Hogan's. After several altercations, the two met at Wrestlemania VI, from Toronto's Skydome. The Warrior defeated Hogan to become champion. A few weeks later, Hogan was seemingly injured at the hands of Earthquake and was gone for the summer of 1990, returning to defeat the Earthquake at SummerSlam 90.

For the rest of 1990 and into 1991, Hogan was aligned with the Ultimate Warrior although most expected Wrestlemania VII to be a rematch between the two. That changed when the Warrior dropped the title to Sgt. Slaughter at the 1991 Royal Rumble and Hogan was named the Number One contender. Hogan met and defeated Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII.

Hogan's third reign as WWE Champion lasted until the Survivor Series when the Undertaker defeated him, thanks to the interference of Ric Flair. The subsequent rematch (at This Tuesday In Texas) caused the title to be held up, and decided by the 1992 Royal Rumble. Hogan lasted until the very end, only to be eliminated by his supposed friend, Sid Justice. Hogan and Justice battled at Wrestlemania VIII, with talk that Hogan would retire after the match.

At approximately the same time that Hogan was disappearing from the WWE scene, the steroid scandal was beginning. Many wrestlers, including Superstar Billy Graham and David Schultz, claimed that Hogan had taken steroids, something Hogan denied during an appearance on the Arsenio Hall show.

Hogan would return to the WWE in early 1993 to aid his friend Brutus Beefcake in getting revenge against Money Inc. (Irwin R. Schyster and Ted Dibiase), challenging them to a tagteam title match at Wrestlemania IX. Hogan showed up to the event with a black eye. The WWE explained it away that by saying Money Inc had attacked him during a workout but rumours persisted that Randy Savage punched him over suspicions over Hogan's relationship with Elizabeth.

Although Hogan and Beefcake would lose by disqualification to IRS and Dibiase, Hogan's night was not through. After Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart for the WWE Championship, Hogan rushed to ringside and accepted a challenge from Mr. Fuji for the title. Fuji's attempt to throw salt in the eyes of Hogan backfired, as the salt hit Yokozuna, allowing Hogan to gain the pinfall and another WWE title.

Rather than drop the belt to Bret Hart, Hogan's reign came to an end with a loss to Yokozuna at King of the Ring two months later. By then, Hogan was more interested, it seemed, in his new television show Thunder in Paradise.

Hogan went to Japan for a while, defeating Tatsumi Fujinami at the Eggdome in Tokyo to start off 1994. Hogan would return to the national spotlight by testifying on behalf of the federal government in the steroid scandal. Hogan would admit to using steroids but said that he had done so on his own accord, helping to clear Vince McMahon.

In June 1994, Hogan would sign with Ted Turner's WCW and in his first match in WCW at Bash at the Beach in July, with Shaquille O'Neal in his corner, would defeat Ric Flair to win the WCW World Championship. Flair and Hogan would meet again, in a steel cage match with Hogan "retiring" Flair at Halloween Havoc. Hogan would then fued with Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom and face his former friend Brutus Beefcake at Starrcade 94.

1995 saw Hogan fued with Vader, a reinstated Ric Flair and the Giant (later known as the Big Show) and main evented the very first broadcast of Monday Nitro, on September 4th, 1995, when he defeated Big Bubba Rogers. At Halloween Havoc, Hogan lost via disqualification to the Giant. However, due to Hogan's then-manager Jimmy Hart signing a contract that allowed the World title to change hands on a DQ, the Giant left as the World Champion. The World title was later held up, but interference from the Giant left Hogan out in the cold again, as Randy Savage filled won the World War III battle royale to fill the vacancy.

With the arrival of the Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) in the spring of 1996, Hogan was strangely absent from WCW. During a six-man tagteam match that pitted Hall and Nash and a mystery partner against Randy Savage, Sting and Lex Luger at Bash at the Beach, Hogan came to ringside and many believed it was to take the place of the injured Luger. A legdrop to Savage ended that speculation. After the match, Hogan announced the formation of the New World Order or NWO.

On August 10th, 1996, the New World Order struck gold as Hollywood Hulk Hogan (as he was now being billed) defeated the Giant in Sturgis, ND, to regain the WCW World Championship as part of the Road Wild pay-per-view. With the World title around his waist, Hogan and the rest of his NWO cohorts would take the battle to every other member of the WCW roster, including Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, the Giant and even "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who battled and defeated Hogan in a non-title cage match at Starrcade '96.

After teasing that Sting had joined the NWO in late 1996, Hogan had to keep looking over his shoulder as 1997 progressed. Meanwhile, he would team with basketball superstar Dennis Rodman to take on Lex Luger and the Giant at 1997's Bash at the Beach. Luger would also temporarily derail Hogan's run as champion, defeating him on Nitro in August. Five days later, however, Hogan would walk out of Road Wild as champion, much as he had a year previous.

As the year came to a close, however, the issue with Sting came to a head and finally, at Starrcade '97, Hogan and Sting met in what should have been a stellar blow-off to the fued that was over a year in the making instead was mired in controversy. The pinfall Hogan made on Sting was little out of the ordinary, hardly the result most fans were looking for, and then WCW newcomer, Bret Hart (a referee for the Eric Bischoff-Larry Zbyszko match) rushed to the ring, restarted the match and eventually counted the pinfall on Sting.

Hogan's attempt to regain the title from Sting ended in failure at Uncensored in 1998. Instead, Hogan would defeat former NWO member, Randy Savage, to regain the title on Nitro on April 20th, 1998. After losing the belt to the up-and-coming Goldberg, Hogan switched his focus to fueding with Diamond Dallas Page. Hogan would reteam with Dennis Rodman to defeat Page and basketball star Karl Malone at Bash at the Beach, but, teaming with NWO head Eric Bischoff, would lose to Page and talk show host Jay Leno.

Just when Hogan thought it was safe, however, came the return of the Warrior. Warrior began to play mindgames with Hogan, kidnapping "the Disciple" (formerly Brutus Beefcake) and forming OWN (One Warrior Nation). Hogan finally met and (with the help of nephew Horace Hogan) defeated the Warrior at Halloween Havoc to avenge his Wrestlemania VI loss.

On Thanksgiving Day, 1998, Hogan appeared on Jay Leno to announce his retirement from pro wrestling to make a run at the White House in 2002. Rumours also abounded that Hogan was on the verge of creating his own wrestling organization. But the retirement would last just over a month and end at the first Nitro in 1999 when Hogan would regain the WCW World title from Kevin Nash after the infamous "fingerpoke of doom".

With Hogan back as champion, his first major challenge was from Ric Flair, who had become the "president" of WCW. The two met at SuperBrawl and then at Uncensored, with Flair defeating Hogan in a "first blood" match, although referee Charles Robinson allowed the match to be decided by a submission via Flair's figure four leglock.

It would be another figure four leglock, this one from Diamond Dallas Page at Spring Stampede, that would provide the cover story for Hogan's departure from wrestling in the spring and summer of 1999 while he had knee surgery and worked his way back into shape. Hogan returned in July and quickly defeated Randy Savage for the WCW World title with the help of Kevin Nash.

But it would be Nash who would challenge Hogan for the title, resulting in a "Loser Leaves Town World Title Match" at Road Wild. Hogan won and retained the title and also returned to the red and yellow colours of Hulkamania. In a reversal of events from three years before, Hogan had to convince Sting that he had not returned to the NWO but Sting turned on Hogan during their World title match at Fall Brawl, winning the title.

Hogan's battle against Team Package (Lex Luger and Ric Flair) raged as 2000 began but came to an abrupt halt with the "reset" of WCW in April 2000. Hogan, a part of the Millionaire's Club, battled Billy Kidman, who was aided by Eric Bischoff. Hogan, however, got wins over Kidman at Slamboree and Bash at the Beach 2000, the latter of which earned him a title shot atthe Great American Bash.

At Bash at the Beach, WCW Champion Jeff Jarrett laid down for Hogan, who simply had to put his foot on Jarrett to win. But Hogan, upset at this turn of events, walked out on WCW, with booker Vince Russo cutting what is believed to be a "shoot" promo, condemning Hogan and giving the title back to Jarrett. Hogan would later file a lawsuit against Russo over the match and the promo.

Hogan spent most of 2001 on the sidelines, getting involved with Acclaim's Legends of Wrestling videogame to become their spokesperson. His most high-profile in-ring activity was to defeat Curt Hennig at the XWF TV tapings in Orlando, Florida in November 2001.

In February 2002, Hogan returned to the WWE but not in the red-and-yellow colours of Hulkamania but instead clad in the black and white of the New World Order, with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in tow. However, after losing to the Rock at Wrestlemania X-8 at the Skydome, Hogan was turfed by the NWO and became a face again. Drafted to Smackdown, Hogan defeated Triple H at Backlash to regain the WWF World title, only to lose it to the Undertaker at Judgment Day.

After a tagteam title reign with Edge in July 2002, Hogan left the WWE, returning in January 2003 to begin what he called "his last journey". He was quickly involved in a feud with Vince McMahon, leading to a bloody match that ended in a Hogan victory at Wrestlemania 19. McMahon would "suspend" Hogan leading to the appearance of Mr. America. By the end of June, 2003, Hogan had left the WWE, returning only to the WWE only via videotape as part of Smackdown's 5th anniversary special.

In October 2003, Hogan travelled to New Japan and defeated Masa Chono in approximately 19 minutes. During a post-match press conference, Hogan was attacked by Jeff Jarrett providing much needed buzz for what was to have been a match in NWA-TNA between the two but knee surgery for Hogan prevented that match from taking place. Meanwhile, Hogan seemingly switched gears, becoming more interested in daughter, Brooke's singing career than his own in-ring career.

Hogan's days with the WWE were not through. On September 23, 2004, he appeared, via a video-taped segment, for the 5th anniversary of Smackdown. Hogan discussed winning the Smackdown Tag titles with Edge.

The night before Wrestlemania XXI, Hogan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Not content with simply picking up the plaque, Hogan made an appearance at Wrestlemania, coming to the aid of Eugene, who had been attacked by Muhammad Hassan & Khrosrow Daivari.

Hassan and Daivari weren't quite finished, as they turned their attention to Shawn Michaels in the weeks following Wrestlemania. Michaels, wanting revenge on Hassan and Daivari, implored Hogan to return for "one more match". Hogan agreed, and he and Michaels gain the victory over their foes at Backlash.

Hogan and Michaels' "dream team" would end when Michaels turned on Hogan following a tag bout on Raw against Kurt Angle and Carlito. Michaels immediately challenged Hogan for a bout at SummerSlam, marking the first time these two legends have clashed in the ring.

Outside the ring, Hogan has joined the reality TV craze, premiering his new series "Hogan Knows Best" in which he oversees the growing-up of his two children.

Few expected Hogan's return to last for simply that "one more match", but even when Hogan does finally hung up his boots, he has long ago estabilished himself as one of the legends in the world of professional wrestling. Critics may question his in-ring ability or criticize his penchant for using his "creative control" but no one can deny that Hogan's charismatic persona has taken him a long way.

Dave Batista

The following is information and pictures of WWE wrestler Dave Batista. Dave Batista Smackdown is one of the biggest starts in the WWE
(Credit to Slam Sports/Wikipedia)

REAL NAME: Dave Bautista
BORN: January 18, 1969 in Washington, D.C.
6' 6", 325 pounds
ALIASES/NICKNAMES: Kahn, Leviathan, Demon of the Deep, Deacon Batista

In a relatively short period of time, Batista has gone from simply being the fourth member of Evolution to being one of the biggest stars in the WWE and, with his victory at Wrestlemania, the WWE Champion.

Dave Bautista grew up in Washington, D.C. and worked as a bouncer in local bars and clubs. A meeting with Road Warrior Animal and Curt Hennig at a bodybuilding show in Minneapolis turned Batista towards a career in wrestling.

In early 1999, he began training at the Wild Samoans Training Camp in Allentown, Pennsylvania, led by Samoan Afa. A few months later, on October 30, 1999, Bautista debuted in Afa's WXW as Kahn, defeating Southtown Joe. He quickly rose to the top of the organization. At some point in his early career, Bautista was given a try out by World Championship Wrestling but WCW chose not to sign him.

Instead, Bautista headed to Ohio Valley Wrestling in July 2000 where he was dubbed the Demon of the Deep Leviathan (or just Leviathan for short) and became a member of the Disciples of Synn, which would also include the future Mordecai and Tyson Tomko.

After defeating WWE stars such as Kane, Val Venis and the Big Show, Leviathan won the OVW Heavyweight Championship from Doug Basham on November 28, 2001 in Jefferson, Indiana. After several months of defending the title, Bautista lost the championship to the Prototype (John Cena). Bautista demanded a rematch, but was soon on his way to the WWE.

He initially wrestled in the WWE during a dark match in February 2002. Wrestling as Leviathan, Batista (the WWE losing the "U" in his name) teamed with Brock Lesnar and the pair defeated Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin. His first on-screen appearance in the WWE came in May 2002 as Deacon Batista, the bodyguard to D-Von Dudley who was working with the Reverend D-Von gimmick. Batista remained with D-Von for much of the spring and summer of 2002, before turning against the Reverend and striking out on his own.

The break from Dudley also meant his departure from Smackdown. After several weeks of vignettes heralding a "Genetic Revolution", Dave Batista appeared on Raw, defeating Justin Credible. Batista soon earned the attention of legendary Ric Flair, who helped Batista in his battles with Kane, including a victory at Armageddon 2002.

Evolution was formed in early 2003 when Batiste joined Flair, Randy Orton and Triple H in a new super group that many people compared to the Four Horsemen. Evolution quickly made a name for themselves when they beat down Scott Steiner and later ripped off Kane's mask.

However, Batista was soon sidelined with a torn bicep in March 2003 during a house show match against the Dudley Boyz. Two months later, he re-tore his tricep muscle when he fell while jogging. It would be October before Batista returned to action, attacking Bill Goldberg to earn Triple H's bounty on the then-World Champion.

In addition to aiding Triple H in his feud with Goldberg, Batista also had earned the ire of Shawn Michaels. Batista lost to Michaels at Armageddon 2003 but at the end of the night, he and Flair had won the WWE Tagteam Championship, as a last-minute entry into the Tagteam Turmoil match.

After losing the tagteam titles to Rob Van Dam and Booker T, Batista and Flair turned their attention to helping Randy Orton in his feud against Mick Foley. The three members of Evolution joined forces to take on Foley and The Rock in a victorious effort at Wrestlemania XX.

Batista and Flair regained the Tagteam titles the night after Wrestlemania but the title reign lasted only a couple of weeks before a loss to Chris Benoit and Edge cost Evolution the belts. After the loss, Batista began feuding with Chris Jericho, defeating Y2J at Vengeance. Jericho and Batista would also clash again, in a Triple Threat match involving Edge at SummerSlam, with the Intercontinental Championship in the balance. Despite Batista's best efforts, it was Edge who walked out with the title.

With Randy Orton ejected from Evolution the next night, Batista was now seen as the future of the group. Meanwhile, he and Flair would battle Chris Benoit and William Regal in tagteam action. As a solid member of Evolution, Batista defeated Randy Orton on a September 2004 edition of Raw to cost Orton his chance at becoming WWE World Champion while Triple H held the title.

As the Survivor Series approached, Batista began to look towards a possible shot at the WWE title if his team were to win the main event. However, the team of Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Maven and Chris Benoit won, which was the beginning of tension between Batista and Triple H.

That tension escalated on a weekly basis, with Batista accidentally eliminating Ric Flair during a battle royale and Triple H's mistimed chair shot knocking out Batista during a tagteam match against Benoit and Jericho. When the combatants were announced for the Elimination Chamber with the vacant World title on the line, both Triple H and Batista were included and things began to escalate, especially when Batista defeated Rhyno during a "Beat the Clock Match" and earned the right to enter the match last, rather than Triple H.

At New Year's Revolution, Batista lost when he was eliminated by Randy Orton, although it appeared that Triple H could have helped save Batista from elimination, but chose not to. Triple H also did little to endear himself to his fellow Evolution member when he interfered in a Number One contender's match between Batista and Orton, causing Batista to be defeated.

No matter, Batista defeated WWE Tagteam Champions La Resistance to earn a spot in the Royal Rumble. On January 23, 2005 at the Rumble, Batista eliminated John Cena and won the right to compete in the main event at Wrestlemania 21. After several weeks of uncertainty, Batista decided to stay on Raw and face Triple H, leaving Evolution behind.

Batista would walk into the main event at Wrestlemania the challenger, and walk out the World Champion. A month later, Batista defeated Triple H in a rematch at Backlash and then followed it up with a victory over the Game in a Hell in a Cell match at Vengeance. It appeared that Batista would rule the roost on Raw for some time to come.

Instead, he would be the very last draft pick to move from Raw to Smackdown, suprising everyone, most notably JBL, by appearing at the end of the June 30th, 2005 edition of Smackdown. JBL, upset at not being named the new champion after John Cena left for Raw, immediately targetted Batista.Batista was more than up for the challenge, defeated JBL at the Great American Bash, SummerSlam and in a bullrope match on the September 9th edition of Smackdown.

With JBL dealt with, Eddie Guerrero was named the new number one contender. However, Guerrero has feigned friendship with the World Champion even after a loss to Batista at No Mercy although few expect the unlikely partnership to last.

Soon after retaining the title in a feud with Eddie Guerrero, reported that Batista suffered a muscle tear in his back at the taping for the November 11, 2005 edition of SmackDown! due to a double chokeslam from The Big Show and Kane, which may force him to have surgery. [1]. Plans had been made for Batista to defend the title in a triple threat match with Eddie Guererro and Randy Orton on the November 18 episode, but the match didn't take place due to the unexpected death of Eddie Guerrero on November 13. Many internet wrestling sites speculated that Batista would lose the title to Guerrero in that match.

Despite his injury, Batista paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero during the SmackDown! tribute show dedicated to Guerrero's memory. Batista would say that Guerrero was not only one of his best and close friends, but he was also a large inspiration to him and helped him carry the burden of becoming a World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista would lead Team SmackDown! against Team RAW in an interbrand feud before 2005's Survivor Series. The feud would see The Big Show and Kane chokeslamming Batista several more times in the weeks leading up to Survivor Series, in an on-camera explanation for Batista's injury. Batista would help his team win the Survivor Series main event.

On the December 2 edition of Friday Night SmackDown!, Batista saved Rey Mysterio from a double team attack by RAW's reigning World Tag Team Champions, The Big Show and Kane. It was later announced that Mysterio would team with Batista to face Big Show and Kane at Armageddon 2005, a SmackDown! exclusive pay-per-view.

On the December 16, 2005 edition of SmackDown!, Batista and Mysterio got a title shot at the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. The two defeated MNM, to become champions in a match they dedicated to the late Eddie Guerrero. With Batista and Mysterio becoming the WWE Tag Team Champions it turned the clash with The Big Show and Kane at Armageddon into a Champions vs. Champions encounter. At Armageddon on December 18, Batista and Mysterio lost to Kane and Big Show when Kane pinned Mysterio after a chokeslam.

On the December 30, 2005 edition of SmackDown!, MNM defeated Batista and Mysterio after help from the returning Mark Henry to regain the WWE Tag-Team Championships. During the interference, Henry attacked Batista lifted him up and gave him the World's Strongest Slam. This was a set up by MNM's manager Melina who earlier that night said that she was going to sue Batista for "sexually harassing" her a week ago. The following week, Batista and Mysterio had their title rematch against MNM in a Steel Cage Match. Batista and Mysterio dominated the match but lost due to interference from Mark Henry again. Mark Henry demolished the door, and entered the cage, only to slam the door into Batista and Mysterio, which led to MNM winning the match, and retaining the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Injury and title surrender

On January 9, 2006, announced that Batista had torn his right tricep following a match with Mark Henry at a live event on January 8, 2006 in Verona, New York. The following day, announced that due to his injury, Batista was forced to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship at the SmackDown! tapings in Philadelphia on January 10, 2006.

In an emotional speech, Batista acknowledged his injury and said that "as a great champion, I must do the right thing. I have no choice but to surrender the World Heavyweight Championship." Many fans in the audience were noticeably disappointed and distraught by this annnouncement. Later that night, Kurt Angle, a RAW superstar, became the new World Heavyweight Champion after winning a grueling battle royal. These events were aired on the January 13, 2006 edition of SmackDown! Batista had successful surgery on his tricep on January 12, 2006, and it is expected he will be sidelined until WrestleMania 22 at the earliest.

My Comments on WWE Smackdown Batista.
I first was introduced to Batiste when he was part of the Evolution and my first impression that he was huge. I though his only issues were the number of tattoos and that he didnt interview well. I think he was a good champion and his Batista Bomb is pretty cool

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Eddie Guerrero

The following is information and pictures of WWE wrestler Eddie Guerror. Eddie Guerroro death was a trajic loss to WWE fans and he will be fondly remembered. (Credit to Slam Sports)

There is little doubt that Eddie Guerrero was destined to be a wrestler almost before he was born. His father, Gory Guerrero was a founding father of Lucha Libre (Mexican pro wrestling), a legendary wrestling trainer, a pioneer figure in Mexico, and perhaps, pound for pound, the best pro wrestler in Mexican history over the course of his 30-year career.

But Gory was also the patriarch of arguably the premier family in wrestling history. Eddie's older brothers Chavo, Mando and Hector gained worldwide reputations as excellent wrestlers, plying their trade in rings in Mexico and Japan, as well as several big territories across the U.S. It only made sense that Eddie would someday follow in his family's legendary footsteps.

Eddie wrestled at the University of New Mexico on an athletic scholarship. Wanting to turn pro, Eddie was trained by his father in a ring he had set up in his backyard in El Paso, Texas. It was there that the foundation of Eddie's superior working style was first laid.

Guerrero debuted in 1987 in Mexico's EMLL promotion. He competed primarily in six man tag matches with his brothers for the first few years. The trio of Eddie, Chavo and Mando teamed to win the World Wrestling Association's World Trios Title in Tijuana, Mexico on July 28th, 1989.

By 1992, Eddie was wrestling under a mask as Mascara Magica (Magic Mask). It was in this guise that Eddie won his first singles title, the WWA Welterweight Championship.

Later that year, Eddie jumped to the newly formed AAA promotion, dropping the mask and returned to wrestling under his real name. He began to split his time between Mexico and New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1993, becoming one of the top foreign stars in Japan. A year later he competed in the prestigious Top of the Super Junior Heavyweights tournament, having classic matches with the likes of Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Jushin "Thunder" Liger and 2 Cold Scorpio.

In 1994, promoters in Japan saddled him with the Black Tiger gimmick, a foreign heel Tiger Mask-style character. In October, Eddie teamed with the Great Susake to win the Junior Heavyweight Super Grand Tag League for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Back in Mexico, Eddie teamed with El Hijo del Santo as La Pareja Atomica (The Atomic Pair), reviving the tag team their fathers (El Santo and Gory Guerrero) made famous in the 50s and 60s. Eddie formed a friendship with "Love Machine" Art Barr and the two approached promoter Antonio Pena about turning heel and teaming up together.

The idea worked to perfection as Guerrero and Barr turned on El Hijo del Santo and formed the most hated team in Lucha Libre history: La Pareja del terror (The Pair of Terror).

Turning his back on his Mexican heritage, Guerrero donned tights with the stars and stripes, waved the American flag and recruited the likes of Konnan, Louie Spicoli and others to form Los Gringos Locos, a Mexican version of the Four Horsemen.

Los Gringos Locos set Mexico on fire in 1994 as the heel clique feuded with every top Mexican star in AAA. Guerrero and Barr won the AAA World tag team titles in Chicago during the summer, defeating El Hijo del Santo and Octagon. Santo and Octagon would garner their revenge in November at When Worlds Collide from Los Angeles (AAA's only foray into pay-per-view), defeating Guerrero and Barr in a double mask vs. double hair match, forcing Eddie and Barr to have their heads shaved bald.

The match, a ****1/2 star effort, had put Guerrero and Barr in the spotlight, clearly establishing as the best tag team in the world at the time. They were seemingly unstoppable. Tragedy, however, struck three weeks later as Art Barr was found dead in his bedroom in Springfield, Oregon.

With Barr out of his life, the value of the Mexican peso at an all time low and AAA complaining about the cost of his contract, Guerrero left Mexico and resurfaced in Extreme Championship Wrestling. On his first night in he defeated 2 Cold Scorpio for the TV title. A week later he had what is widely considered the best match in the history of the promotion, going to a 30-minute draw with Dean Malenko.

Eddie added the frog splash to his vast repertoire, made famous first by Barr, paying tribute to his fallen partner. He and Malenko feuded the entire summer, exchanging the title between them in a series of matches noted for the scientific wizardry, drawing comparisons to the epic Ric Flair-Rick Steamboat feud of 1989.

A short time after battling Malenko to a draw in an epic best-of-three-fall match, Eddie left ECW in September of 1995 for the greener pastures of WCW. Eddie found himself competing against many of his former ECW contemporaries including Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and Jerry Lynn (competing as Mr. JL) as well as Konnan and Ric Flair.

In June of 1996 Guerrero, competing as Black Tiger, defeated Jushin "Thunder" Liger in the finals of the Top of the Super Juniors in Japan, becoming only the second foreigner (Chris Benoit being the first) to win the prestigious tournament.

At Starrcade '96 Guerrero won his first title in WCW, defeating Diamond Dallas Page to win the vacant U.S. Heavyweight title. Eddie would lose it three months later to Malenko but rebounded by upending Chris Jericho at SuperBrawl to capture his first of two WCW Cruiserweight titles.

Between his matches with Malenko, Benoit, Chris Jericho, Ultimo Dragon and Psychosis, his best effort in the promotion came at Halloween Havoc '97 where he dropped the Cruiserweight title to Rey Mysterio Jr in mask vs. title match. The ****/3/4 match will long be remembered for its high flying spots and the amazing chemistry between the two luchadores.

After several months of feuding with nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. and being lost in the shuffle, Eddie formed the Latino World Order, a shoot-like gimmick where Guerrero addressed frustrations he and the other Mexican talent had over their shameless misuse by management.

The angle was starting to get over when Eddie was involved in a terrible car crash on New Year's Eve 1998, sidelining him for several months. Although he would later return, Eddie was not happy, and he wasn't alone.

On January 20, 2000, Eddie, along with Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn were given their release from WCW and appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw six days later. The foursome were dubbed "the Radicals" and appeared to be on the verge of becoming another great heel stable. Unfortunately for Eddie, the day after the Radicals arrival, he dislocated his elbow performing a frog splash at the Smackdown tapings in Detroit, Michigan.

Having returned to the WWE in April, Guerrero won the European Championship from Chris Jericho when Chyna turned on Y2J. The move led to a romantic union between Guerrero and Chyna that lasted through the summer of 2000. However, shortly after Eddie accidentally beat Chyna for the Intercontinental title, a segment of GTV caught Eddie in the shower with two women, crushing Chyna and ending their relationship.

Eddie's inner demons began to get the better of him. In June 2001, Eddie was sent to rehab after showing up "unable to perform." In November, Eddie was arrested for drunk driving and was released from the WWE.

In February 2002, Eddie came back to the spotlight, competing on a WWA pay-per-view "Revolution" where he defeated Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera for the WWA International Cruiserweight title. In March, he competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In April 2002, he returned to WWE television, attacking Rob Van Dam on an edition of Raw, and defeating RVD three weeks later for the Intercontinental title at the Backlash pay-per-view.

Eddie would lose the title back to RVD in a ladder match, but seemed to be on the verge of a feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin before Austin left the WWE. Instead, Eddie teamed with Chris Benoit in a mini-reformation of the Radicals and soon after, the pair jumped from Raw to Smackdown.

While feuding with Edge over the summer of 2002, Eddie began teaming with his nephew Chavo Guerrero, Jr. to form Los Guerreros. The pair won a Triple Threat tag team match at the Survivor Series 2002 to win the WWE tag team titles, edging Benoit/Kurt Angle and Edge/Mysterio.

After a feud with John Cena, Eddie would team with Tajiri (subbing for Chavo) to become one-half of the Smackdown brand's tag team champions at Judgment Day in May 2003. After a month and a half of "cheating to win" (and retain the tag team titles), Eddie and Tajiri would lose the tag team titles to the World's Greatest tag team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) on July 3rd. After the match, Eddie turned on his partner, blaming Tajiri for the loss.

A week later, the tournament for the vacant United States Heavyweight Championship began and Eddie defeated the Ultimo Dragon, Billy Gunn and (at the Vengeance pay-per-view) Chris Benoit to win the tournament and the title.

On September 16, 2003, Eddie and Chavo defeated the World's Greatest Tag Team to regain the WWE tag team titles. Eddie was, at once, both the United States Champion and one-half of the WWE tag team Champions.

The Big Show ended Eddie's dual run as champion by defeating Eddie for the U.S. title at No Mercy in October 2003. Four days later, Chavo and Eddie would lose the tag titles to the Basham Brothers. As Los Guerreros attempted to regain the tag team titles, things began to go downhill between Chavo and Eddie and the two battled each other at the 2004 Royal Rumble.

After winning a mini-Royal Rumble, Eddie found himself the #1 contender to Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship. At No Way Out 2004, Eddie, with some help from Bill Goldberg, unseated Lesnar to become the new champion.

After defeating Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX and getting by the Big Show, Eddie was next targeted by JBL. After retaining the title at the Judgment Day pay-per-view (despite a disqualification loss) Guerrero seemed to have defeated Layfield in a bullrope match at the Great American Bash on June 27th but Smackdown GM Kurt Angle reversed the decision and JBL was crowned the new champion.

With Angle reinstated as a wrestler, the classic feud between he and Guerrero raged on. A masked Angle interfered in a cage match between Layfield and Guerrero, helping JBL retain the title, and Angle defeated Eddie at SummerSlam. The Angle-Guerrero feud continued throughout the fall of 2004, later teaming with Rob Van Dam and the Big Show to take on Angle allies Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

However, as the end of 2004 approached, Eddie was once again in the hunt for the WWE Championship, but neither he, nor The Undertaker nor Booker T were unable to unseat JBL in a Fatal Fourway match at Armageddon.

At No Way Out in February, Eddie teamed with Rey Mysterio Jr. to defeat the Basham Brothers to win the WWE tag team titles. However due to some miscommunication and with Chavo Guerrero fanning the flames of controversy, the team of Guerrero/Mysterio seemed doomed from the start.

Rey and Eddie battled at Wrestlemania XXI, with Mysterio coming out victorious. Although they shook hands after the bout, the problems between Rey and Eddie continued in the weeks after. Things certainly did not improve when Mysterio/Guerrero lost the tag team titles to MNM and during a rematch in England, Eddie walked out on Rey.

Attacking Mysterio a week later, Eddie turned heel and turned his back on his former partner. After Rey got a victory over Eddie, albeit by disqualification, at Judgment Day and then again on the June 23rd edition of Smackdown, Eddie became even angrier and more obsessed with getting revenge for the losses.

Soon the vendetta between Eddie and Rey became personal. Eddie approached Rey's son, Dominic, threatening to reveal a "secret" that would destroy Rey Mysterio. Eddie began to hold that secret over Rey's head, even when his own family begged him to let it go.

Eddie faced Rey at the Great American Bash saying that he would forget about the secret if Rey could defeat him one more time. Rey came out victorious, only to have Eddie reveal the secret (that he was Dominic's father) anyways. After social workers became involved, Rey met and defeated Eddie at SummerSlam in a ladder match for custody of Dominic. Undaunted Eddie would finally defeat Rey in a cage match on Smackdown in September.

Undaunted Eddie would finally defeat Rey in a cage match on Smackdown in September and was named the number one contender to Batista's World Championship. Rather than feud with Batista, Eddie decided to befriend the champion and even teamed with him on occassion.

Batista got the better of Eddie at No Mercy but Eddie remained close to Batista, perhaps all the better to get into position to once again meet (and this time defeat) Batista.

Whether or not Guerrero would have defeated Batista will never be known. SLAM Wrestling and the entire wrestling world was stunned to learn that, on the morning of Sunday, November 13, 2005, Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis. He was 38 years old.


Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 220 pounds
From: El Paso, Texas
Finishing Moves: Frog Splash/Lasso from El Paso
Career Highlights: WWE Champion; European Champion; Intercontinental Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; WCW Cruiserweight Champion; WCW U.S. Champion; U.S. Champion
BORN: October 9, 1967 in Juarez, Mexico
DIED: November 13, 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
5-ft., 8-in., 220-lb
ALIASES/NICKNAMES: Latino Heat, Black Tiger, Mascara Magica

Finishing and signature moves

* Frog Splash
* Lasso From El Paso (Elevated Texas cloverleaf hold)
* Three Amigos (Combination three vertical suplexes)
* Brainbuster
* Gory Special
* Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
* Hilo (Slingshot senton)
* Splash Mountain (Sitout crucifix powerbomb)

Finishing moves as Black Tiger

* Super Black Tiger Bomb (Second rope crucifix powerbomb)
* Black Tiger Bomb (Sitout crucifix powerbomb)


Knows how to make Fajitas
favorite sad movie: "Father" with star Jack Lemmon
favorite concert: Santana
favorite TV series: Friends
favorite food: cheescake
Pets: two dogs. A Chesapeake and a chihuahua.
Loves: low-ride autos
Ejoys spending time with his family and kids
Ejoys slapstick type of comedy and video games
Ejoys ordering and watching wrestling PPV's
One of his goals is to stay humble
Eddie does not believe in superstitions.
Fault: admits to having a bad temper
He was very shy in school.

Ray Mysterio

The following is information and pictures of WWE wrestler Ray Mysterio. Ray Mysterio is the star of smackdown.

Ray mysterio exploded into the sports entertainment scene in the mid 1990s, the colorfully masked Ray Mysterio quickly redefined the way the game was played in the ring. From his awe-inspiring West Coast Pop to his trademark 619, Mysterio has been on the cutting edge of wrestling excellence. The definitive high-flying Superstar, Mysterio, despite his size is an innovative underdog that fans of all ages have grown to respect and love.

Since a child growing up in San Diego, Ray Misterio always aspired to be a Superstar. As a young teenager, he followed his dreams by starting to train in the unpredictable and high-flying Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling South of the Border in Tijuana leading him to an even bigger stage -- first in ECW and then WCW where he revolutionized the fast, high-impact style you now associate with the master of the 619.

Picture of Ray Mysterio giving Eddie Guerrero a 619

Upon his WWWE debut in 2002 on SmackDown!, Mysterio continued his hot streak of memorable matches, setting his eyes on capturing the Cruiserweight Championship as well as sticking up to bullies who tried to push the scrappy SmackDown! Superstar around.

Picture of Ray Mysterios Mask

Rey Mysterio Finishing and signature moves
  • West Coast Pop (Springboard hurricanrana)
  • 619 (Tiger feint kick)
  • Frog splash (in tribute to Eddie Guerrero)
  • Droppin' The Dime (Springboard legdrop)
  • Springboard seated senton
  • Springboard splash
  • 1904 (Bronco buster)
  • Sunset flip powerbomb
  • Crossbody press / Twisting crossbody press
  • Wheelbarrow counter (bodyscissors) to moves like bulldogs, roll-ups and arm drags
  • Super frankensteiner
  • Springboard diving headbutt
  • Huracanrana from the ring apron to an opponent standing on the floor
  • Baseball slide to headscissors takedown
  • Missile dropkick
  • Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown
  • Crossbody from the ring apron to an opponent standing on the floor
  • Moonsault attack to a standing opponent
  • Sitout facebuster
  • DDT
  • Tornado DDT

Picture of Ray Mysterio unmasked

Rey Mysterio Jr Biography

Real Name: Oscar Gonzalez Gutierrez
Nickname: Flying Fury
Birthday: December 12, 1974
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hometown: San Diego, California
Went to School at: Los Altos Elementary, Montgomery Jr. High, Montgomery High School
Trained In: Tijuana, Mexico
WCW Debut: 1991
Was Also Known As: El Colebri and nicknamed El Super Nino (as a rookie)
Finisher: Top-Rope Hurricanrana or 619

The following is a link to ray mysterio's official website

Eddie Guerero

In Fiji we are usually behind in our tv shows and they have just shown the RAW and Smackdown tributes to Eddy Guerero. So even though I new he died through the internet my kids never really believed it until they saw it on tv. Like how can Eddie be dead when is wrestling every week

My youngest son was always an Eddy fan and used to try and fashion his hair like eddy. I swayed them away from him because of his mantra “lie, cheat and steal”.

I first started following westling after watching hulk hogan in Rocky Three. In my opinion that was the golden years of wrestling with hogan, piper, Andre the giant, king kong bundy, ondorff, steamboat, junkyard dog, george the animal steel and special guests mr t, refrigerator and ali. I didn’t know what WWE was until I read recently that WWF had to change its name due losing it court case against the World Wildlife Fund

I stopped following wrestling until my kids started watching so I never ever heard of the stone cold austin, shaun Michaels and, Eddie guerrero. I only new Rock was a wrestler from the ads about his films.

Wrestling has significantly changed in the last 15 years where the major change is the stories are more harder and the abuse of fans is worse. I think the envelope keeps on being pushed as the punters tolerance keeps on expanding.

Actually what got us back is they started showing smackdown and raw in Fiji and as a present to my son I bought the wrestlemania dvd where Eddie Guerero won his world championship over Kurt Angle

One of my strengths is looking at people and getting a good feeling of how they are actually feeling (Empathy). Some of Eddies performance looked real and he really felt crazy. Eddy, Kurt Angle and Chris benoit were to me the best performers in wrestling

It’s a real pity about the story about Rey Mysterio’s kid but I think Mcmahon realised you public can’t accept Eddy as a bad guy but at least when he died he was a good guy again.

On the Raw and Smackdown tribute. I cant take anything serious from the mcmahon but you could feel the pain of the other wrestlers. Two of the best matches were Jave Guerrero vs JBL and HHH vs Chris Benoit. I am not sure what the relationship was of Triple H and eddie but the embrace of hhh and benoit fight will help wrestling going forward.

On Christmas eve my two boys new they were going to be given radio controlled cars as their Christmas presents and last night they said where were going to race them on christmas day as a tribute to Eddie Guerero.

Viva la rassa.

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