Sunday, January 22, 2006

Eddie Guerero

In Fiji we are usually behind in our tv shows and they have just shown the RAW and Smackdown tributes to Eddy Guerero. So even though I new he died through the internet my kids never really believed it until they saw it on tv. Like how can Eddie be dead when is wrestling every week

My youngest son was always an Eddy fan and used to try and fashion his hair like eddy. I swayed them away from him because of his mantra “lie, cheat and steal”.

I first started following westling after watching hulk hogan in Rocky Three. In my opinion that was the golden years of wrestling with hogan, piper, Andre the giant, king kong bundy, ondorff, steamboat, junkyard dog, george the animal steel and special guests mr t, refrigerator and ali. I didn’t know what WWE was until I read recently that WWF had to change its name due losing it court case against the World Wildlife Fund

I stopped following wrestling until my kids started watching so I never ever heard of the stone cold austin, shaun Michaels and, Eddie guerrero. I only new Rock was a wrestler from the ads about his films.

Wrestling has significantly changed in the last 15 years where the major change is the stories are more harder and the abuse of fans is worse. I think the envelope keeps on being pushed as the punters tolerance keeps on expanding.

Actually what got us back is they started showing smackdown and raw in Fiji and as a present to my son I bought the wrestlemania dvd where Eddie Guerero won his world championship over Kurt Angle

One of my strengths is looking at people and getting a good feeling of how they are actually feeling (Empathy). Some of Eddies performance looked real and he really felt crazy. Eddy, Kurt Angle and Chris benoit were to me the best performers in wrestling

It’s a real pity about the story about Rey Mysterio’s kid but I think Mcmahon realised you public can’t accept Eddy as a bad guy but at least when he died he was a good guy again.

On the Raw and Smackdown tribute. I cant take anything serious from the mcmahon but you could feel the pain of the other wrestlers. Two of the best matches were Jave Guerrero vs JBL and HHH vs Chris Benoit. I am not sure what the relationship was of Triple H and eddie but the embrace of hhh and benoit fight will help wrestling going forward.

On Christmas eve my two boys new they were going to be given radio controlled cars as their Christmas presents and last night they said where were going to race them on christmas day as a tribute to Eddie Guerero.

Viva la rassa.


Blogger GreatOne said...

Hi! I see you may be an Eddie Guerrero fan. I am going to wrestling school as a tribute to him, but I need some character ideas. Could you check out my blog and let me know of some ideas, if any, that you may have? Thank you!

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