Friday, February 17, 2006

Wrestling shoes

Wrestling shoes are active wear used in competition and practice for the sport of wrestling. Generally extremely light and flexible, wrestling shoes are often used for street racing as well. When purchasing wrestling shoes, be sure to check the prices of several online store fronts, as well as local sporting goods stores. Sporting goods stores generally will carry a smaller stock of wrestling shoes and have a price much higher than online dealers who deal solely in wrestling shoes. Some name brands of wrestling shoes are adidas and asics.

The most famous incident for WWE wrestling shoes was in Wrestlemania XX whene Kurt Angle was fighing Eddie Guerrero for the Smackdwon WWE Championship Match. Late in the match, Eddie escaped the Ankle Lock, knocking Kurt Angle to the ringside floor in the process, and began unlacing his boot, seemingly to massage it. Kurt got up, his face a mask of rage, prompting the still-down Eddie to exclaim, "Oh, shit!" Eddie then made a beeline for the ropes, but Kurt was faster, and he trapped Eddie in the Ankle Lock. Eddie tried desperately to Kick his Way out of it with his free foot, and in the process his boot came off, as he'd intended. The distraction enabled Eddie to roll his opponent up for the pinfall, and Eddie Guerrero retained the WWE Championship.

The following link has customised wrestling shoes for WWE type wrestling.


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