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WWE Divas

The following is a desciption, pictures and photos of WWE Divas (Credit Wiki)

In professional wrestling, a diva is a term used by World Wrestling Entertainment for a beautiful woman employed primarily as eye candy and sometimes as a wrestler.

Although "diva" is a relatively new term in the wrestling community, promotions have been using women as managers or wrestlers for years.

Perhaps the first "diva" in professional wrestling history was Tammy Lynn Sytch, better known in the WWF under her performing name "Sunny". The Sunny character was a manager of various wrestlers in the WWF. Although the female managerial role was not a new concept in professional wrestling, the Sunny character brought a sexuality to the position that had seldom been seen in the business before.

After Sytch left the WWF, Rena Mero, known to WWF fans as "Sable" took the role of the prominent female performer in the promotion. Originally a manager for her then real-life husband, wrestler Marc Mero, she quickly eclipsed her husband in popularity, in part by wearing increasingly revealing outfits to the ring. Her popularity lead to the re-instatement of the WWE Women's Championship, as well as the hiring of more female performers by the promotion. It was around the time of the height of her popularity that the term "diva" was used by the WWF to label its female personalities.

Although Sable would leave the WWF after several years, the WWF would sign many more female performers during and after her employment with the company, who would become known as "divas.

The current RAW WWE divas are

Ashley Massaro Height: 5 foot 5, From: New York
Career Highlights: Won the 2005 RAW Diva Search, hosted several E! Channel "Wild On" shows, was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada for 2005, appeared in Stuff and FHM Magazines

Candice Michelle is well-known for her involvement in the popular "" commercials that parodied the 2004 Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction that first aired during the 2005 Super Bowl. Candice as "Nikki Cappelli" captured America with her swiveling dance and "wardrobe malfunction." Before Candice was Miss, however, she had been appearing on RAW since November of 2004.

Lilian Garcia is a singer, who also works as a ring announcer and Diva for World Wrestling Entertainment on its RAW brand.

Lilian was once a top 10 finalist in the Miss South Carolina contest. She used to be a video jockey in Atlanta, Georgia and once had a drive-time afternoon radio show. She graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina, and went on to spend 8 years in Madrid, Spain, becoming fluent in Spanish.

Mickie James is an American professional wrestler and valet, who is sometimes known by her former stage name Alexis Laree. After wrestling on the independent circuit for years, James was signed to a developmental contract by World Wrestling Entertainment in October 2003. In October 2005 she was promoted to the main roster and assigned to the RAW brand.

Maria Kanellis (born May 2, 1981 in Ottawa, Illinois) is working for World Wrestling Entertainment's RAW brand as a "Rookie Diva", after competing in the first ever $250,000 RAW Diva Search. She is currently the youngest Diva on the Raw Roster. Maria, also a veteran of Hawaiian Tropic, is of Greek origin.

Patricia Anne Stratigias, better known by her stage and ring name, Trish Stratus, is a Canadian professional wrestler and fitness model, currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment's RAW brand.

Stratus is marketed as the first woman in WWE history to have held the WWE Women's Championship six times, two more than the four title reigns of The Fabulous Moolah recognized by WWE.

Lisa Marie Varon, née Lisa Marie Sole, better known as Victoria (born February 10, 1971 in San Bernardino, California) is an American professional wrestler and professional wrestling valet, currently working for the RAW brand of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Varon was born to a Puerto Rican father and a Turkish mother. Varon is thought by some to resemble wrestler Lance Storm; in a running gag, Storm maintains via his website that he and Varon are siblings, but this is not the case (the two are unrelated).

Torrie Anne Gruner is a fitness model and performer for World Wrestling Entertainment, using her maiden name Torrie Wilson.

Wilson has found considerable success in both World Championship Wrestling and in World Wrestling Entertainment as a manager and a diva. This success led to her becoming one of several WWE divas to pose in Playboy. Torrie is married to former WCW and WWE performer Billy Kidman.

The current Smackdown WWE divas are

Melina Perez better known simply as Melina is an American professional wrestler and manager, currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on the SmackDown! brand.

Melina's ring entrance is an incredible display of her flexibility. Standing beside the ring, she will lift her right leg onto the apron, then her left leg (at this point she is doing a split on the apron), then bend her upper body under the bottom rope. Michael Cole and Tazz were quick to label this "The greatest ring entrance in the history of sports entertainment."

Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler (born October 14, 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland) is a diva for World Wrestling Entertainment on the SmackDown! brand.

An aspiring actress, Keibler is known for her figure, specifically her exceptionally long legs which are 41½ inches (105 centimetres) long. As such, her entrance music is a cover of the ZZ Top song "Legs" performed by Kid Rock.

Kristal Marshall is a model. She has appeared in music videos, been a competitor in the 2004 Miss California pageant and has been a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right.

Divas uncovered can be found at Divas Uncovered


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