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Edge - Adam Copeland

Edge aka Adam Joseph Copeland (born October 30, 1973 in Orangeville, Ontario), is a Canadian professional wrestler, better known under his ring name, Edge, currently performing for World Wrestling Entertainment on the RAW brand. Originally a successful tag team wrestler, he has also made a name for himself as a singles competitor. At WrestleMania 21, he won a "money-in-the-bank" contract, giving him up to one year to challenge the world champion for a title match. He is the former WWE Champion after defeating John Cena at New Year's Revolution 2006 by cashing in that contract to win his first WWE Championship. Just three weeks after he won the WWE Championship from Cena, Edge lost the title when Cena made him tap out at the 2006 Royal Rumble.

He gained some measure of infamy among wrestling fans after late February 2005, when he had a real-life adulterous affair with WWE diva Lita, causing her and her long time boyfriend and WWE superstar Matt Hardy to split, when Matt was contacted by Edge's ex-wife.

Edge - Personal life

During his high school years, Copeland was voted, "Most Likely to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship", something that he ultimately accomplished at WWE New Year's Revolution on January 8, 2006. As a teenager, he appeared at WrestleMania VI as part of the crowd, cheering for the then-WWF Champion Hulk Hogan in the "Ultimate Challenge" Main Event against Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior. On 17 March 2002, Copeland would return to SkyDome for WrestleMania X8, participating and winning in his match against Booker T. On 4 July 2002, Copeland would team with Hogan to capture the World Tag Team Championship on an episode of SmackDown!

In 2000, Copeland made a cameo appearance appearance in the film Highlander: Endgame as a road bandit. His scene saw actor Adrian Paul remark "Looks like you've lost your edge, lad!" after defeating him.

Copeland's autobiography, entitled "Adam Copeland On Edge", was published on November 4, 2004.

Copeland was first married to wrestler Sean "Val Venis" Morley's sister Alannah, but divorced her 2004. He then met Lisa Ortiz (not to be confused with the voice actress of the same name) when he was having neck surgery and married her in October. He began an affair with fellow wrestler Amy "Lita" Dumas in December 2004. When the news of the affair broke, Copeland separated from his wife and sought a divorce which was completed in November. The status of Copeland's relationship with Dumas is currently unknown as Copeland and Dumas have neither confirmed or denied a relationship and many of their fellow professionals have declined to comment on the situation.

Copeland had a tattoo of a shark flexing its arm that happened to look like a cartoon named "The Street Sharks" on his upper biceps. He later replaced it with a sun.

Edge - Career

Throughout the 1990s he wrestled for many independent promotions in Ontario as well in the Great Lakes region of the United States under the name Sexton Hardcastle. As Sexton Hardcastle he was managed by Johnny Bradford and Judd the Studd and would go on to become a part of Sex and Violence with Joe Legend, a successful tag team in the Detroit area. During 1997 Sex and Violence were a part of a bigger gang, known as THUG Life - Legend, Hardcastle, Christian Cage, Bloody Bill Skullion and Rhino Richards. In his indy career, he also won the SSW Tag title, the ICW Street Fight Tag title and the ICW/MWCW Midwest Unified Tag title, all with long time friend, Christian Cage they were known as the Suicide Blondes. He was signed by the WWF in 1998.

Edge was first introduced in the WWF as an enigmatic character, and was placed into a feud against Gangrel. However, he started teaming up with Gangrel along with on-screen brother and aforementioned real life best friend Christian to form a faction known as "The Brood". The group joined The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness.

Edge - The Rated-R Superstar

Shortly after this victory, Edge suffered a torn pectoral muscle that kept him shelved for several weeks. During his layoff, he starred in his own show on RAW entitled The Cutting Edge, allowing him to remain on air without actually wrestling while he recovered from his injury. Edge then dubbed himself the "Rated-R Superstar" and began shooting on various WWE performers, including Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter and Michael Hayes. He became the number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title and tried to take it away from Ric Flair at New Year's Revolution 2006.

The feud between Edge and Flair heated up in December 2005, following Flair's well-publicized arrest in connection with a road rage incident in Charlotte, North Carolina. On the January 2, 2006 edition of RAW, Edge played what he claimed was footage of the incident.

However, it was clear that Edge had created the video (i.e., dressing up as Flair, wearing a wig and sequined robe, and beating up a plant (who was portraying the motorist) to mock Flair. Flair got his revenge, running Edge back to the dressing room and putting a figure-four leglock on Lita.

At New Year's Revolution 2006, he was disqualified in his match against Ric Flair after using his trademark briefcase as a weapon and bashing Flair in the head 3 times. However, it would not be his last appearance at the event.

Edge - Finishing and signature moves

* Spear
* Edgecution/Concussion on Delivery (Impaler DDT)
* Edgeucator (Inverted sharpshooter)
* One Man Con-Chair-To (Sandwich chairshot)
* Edge-O-Matic (Sitout rear mat slam)
* Downward Spiral (Reverse STO)
* Winning Edge (Half nelson bulldog)
* Missile dropkick
* Electric chair bomb
* Flying crossbody
* Tornado DDT
* Rear naked choke
* Dropkick


* Johnny Bradford
* Judd the Studd
* Terri Runnels
* Lita


* "Mr. King Of The Ring"
* "Mr. Money-in-the-Bank"
* "The Rated R Superstar"


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